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These are some of the unique customization options we offer to help your motorcycle stand out from the crowd. Feel free to contact us to learn more about any of our services.

Custom Motorcycle

Professional Chrome Plating, Chrome Wheels, Powder Coating, and More.

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Chrome Plating
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One of our most popular services at Reflections Custom Cycles is our chrome rim exchange. If you’re looking for a bit more shine on your bike, swap out any Harley-Davidson rim with a chrome version. Simply bring in your bike or rim, and we’ll exchange the old rim with an exact match in chrome.


Large Wheel Upgrade

We're experts in "large wheel" upgrades, including modifying the bike frame to accommodate 23, 26, or 30-inch front wheels--perfect for show bikes! Professionally adjusting the rake (the angle between the neck of the bike frame and a line vertical to the ground) prevents you from experiencing shaking while riding with a larger wheel. We have many wheel styles to choose from, proudly sourced from RC Components, an industry leader in high-quality motorcycle parts.

Some of the trendiest wheel designs include:

  • Dillinger

  • Contra

  • Ruckus

  • Phenom

Chrome rim
dillinger black
phenon black
contra black
Custom Motorcycle
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Powder Coating
Custom Motorcycle


Our custom powder coating and chrome plating services help you hit the road in style. Chrome plating not only makes metal surfaces look great, but it also protects them from corrosion. Chroming is achieved by adding a layer of chromium on top of metal using an electroplating process. Our shop’s unique round chrome plating tanks allow us to achieve a consistently even chrome finish without “shadowing.”

Trust us to deliver the chrome look you want!

Powder coating is a mixture of pigment and resin particles, which is applied as a dry powder and then cured using heat. Powder coating comes in many colors and finishes, including flat to glossy, metallic, fluorescent, candy-colored, and clear. Because the coating is fused onto the surface using heat, powder coating provides a more durable finish than liquid paint. 


Stop by our shop to see color samples!


Everyone wants their bike to reflect their personal style. Paint is a simple way to make your bike stand out. Put your own personal spin on your motorcycle with a large catalog of color choices and paint finishes.

Whether it's a complete paint job or just a few decorative design details, you'll be delighted with your newly personalized ride.

Custom Motorcycle
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